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1803 Lincoln Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404


Hi De Ho Comics has the largest selection of new and vintage comics in Los Angeles! You're sure to find what you're looking for on our newest issue racks, in our back issue and discount section, or find that rare gem in our gold, silver and bronze age prestige section.

Our Pull Service

Never miss an issue again! Stop in to our shop and sign up for our pull service and have all of your favorite titles ready and waiting for you every Wednesday!

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What We Buy

Hi De Ho Comics has been part of the Santa Monica community since 1977 which makes us the oldest comic store in the Los Angeles area - and one of the oldest in the world! We are one of the few comic book stores in Southern California that buys comics. We will take a look and make an offer on almost any collection!

That being said – of course there are comics we like to purchase more than others!

We love comics that are over 40 years old! The easy way to tell that is if the cover price is 25 cents or less (10 cents, 12 cents, 15 cents or 20 cents). The pros call these books Silver Age (approx 1950-1965) or Golden Age (1933-1950). And we LOVE to buy Golden Age comics and Silver Age comics! But we will make an offer on comics from any era!

Unlike other people of Craigslist trying to buy your comics, we've been in business for over 30 years and you can come to us rather than open your home to a stranger. We've got a well-lit store with plenty of parking – and we can make an appointment morning or evening to make sure our buyer is present – or you can just drop them off and we will give you an offer in one business day

All the other dealers offering “BIG MONEY FOR COMIC COLLECTIONS” won't tell you that it is only a small percent of comics that are worth that much, but we can tell you if what you have is worth your time and gas money to drive out and have us look at them. We don't want to waste your time – we just want more comics!